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Organization FAQs

Yes. Directors and supervisors are able to see a real time display of the aggregate outcomes across their organization. The information presented is updated in real time and presents a clear view into the impact the organization and its therapists are having on patient outcomes. Clinic directors can modify and curate the information across a range of different factors, including by assessment type, patient tags and by therapist.

Yes. Administrators, intake workers and support staff can create Admin Accounts, which provide access to the key administrative functions and views on the platform. Admin Accounts can be used to support a range of different activities, including creating new patients, assigning therapists, assigning assessments, reviewing aggregate outcomes and supervising therapists.

Yes. Each time you create and permission an Admin Account, you can specifically select the permissions applicable to that specific person. This means that each Admin Account can be granted the exact permissions and visibility to match the administrator's day to day role.

Yes. You are able to configure multiple Clinic Accounts within the same Organization. This allows each program or clinic to manage its own progress measurement initiatives, while providing the Organization with a view of all Clinic Accounts within its Organization structure.

No. Therapists that are part of an organization that subscribes to a Clinic Account do not have to pay a monthly fee to access the platform. A single monthly fee is paid by the organization on behalf of all its therapists.

No. There is no limit on the number of therapists that can be part of a Clinic Account.

Yes. The platform can be branded to reflect the digital image of your organization. Custom branding includes, (i) a custom web address; (ii) inclusion of your organization's logo and color scheme; (iii) custom patient resources; (iii) removal of all references to Greenspace; and (iv) custom terms of use and privacy policies.

Yes. You can create your intake form to gather and record information about patients. You can specify which elements should be completed by clients, and those that should only be visible to therapists and administrators.

Yes. Any assessments that are not currently available on the platform can be added to your account.

Yes. Organizations can create patient tags that can be assigned to patients by therapists and administrators. Tags allow patients to be grouped and analyzed by category. Some example categories of tags include, modality, location, diagnosis, treatment type etc.

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