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Join us on July 21st, as we sit down with our partners at the Yale Measurement-Based Care (MBC) Collaborative for our second educational panel: The “Collect, Share, Act” Model of Measurement-Based Care: A Conversation With the Experts at Yale. With over 400 registrants for our first panel, you won’t want to miss it. Register here


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Primary Care Providers
Measuring Your Progress

Get Back to Being Yourself

If your therapist introduced you to Greenspace to help measure and track your progress, congratulations. Research shows that it can have a huge impact on helping you get better faster and there is no fee for you to participate.

Finding a Therapist

Get Connected With the Right Therapist

Using Greenspace to find a therapist is completely free. Once matched, sessions are not covered by Government health plans and prices range from $100 to $250 (depending on the type of therapist - e.g social worker, psychotherapist or psychologist). Your employee benefits insurance may apply to these sessions and when using Greenspace, our case managers will work with you to find a therapist that fits your budget and insurance coverage.
This is unfortunately the common structure for mental healthcare in Canada, as psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists are not covered under OHIP (or other provincial health plans). There are generally limited public sector services available, as mental health is treated as separate from physical health in Canada.

Areas We Serve

Greenspace helps match patients with a therapist within the "Golden Horseshoe" in Southern Ontario.

Our care team will work with patients to ensure they are matched with a therapist that fits their clinical requirements and in a location that suits their day to day needs.