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Join us on July 21st, as we sit down with our partners at the Yale Measurement-Based Care (MBC) Collaborative for our second educational panel: The “Collect, Share, Act” Model of Measurement-Based Care: A Conversation With the Experts at Yale. With over 400 registrants for our first panel, you won’t want to miss it. Register here


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Primary Care Providers
A Better Referral Process

Help Patients Access the Care They Deserve

Matching your patients with a mental health therapist through Greenspace is simple and completely free. There are no hidden fees or charges.
Greenspace makes it easy for you to connect patients with the best possible care. Our goal is to continue developing free and valuable resources that help primary care providers support their patients who are facing mental health issues.

Does this represent a ‘referral fee’?

We understand there may be concern that this fee represents a referral fee that is not permitted by certain regulatory colleges. However, payment is in consideration for extensive case management and patient facing services provided by Greenspace, the nature of which is more appropriately characterized as a case management fee. This case management fee supports tangible activities that have a meaningful impact on treatment outcomes. If you would like more detail on why we believe this program does not contravene college rules, please feel free to contact us at: