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Global and CTV News: Nova Scotia Advances Quality of Mental Health Care in the Province with Greenspace Health

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We're thrilled to be working with Nova Scotia Health Authority and IWK Health as they work to improve client engagement and outcomes through the implementation of Measurement-Based Care. Both health authorities are using Greenspace’s MBC platform to pave the way to a higher quality of mental health care in Nova Scotia by strengthening their Measurement-Based Care efforts across outpatient mental health and addiction services.

IWK psychologist Dr. Debbie Emberly spoke with Global News Halifax and CTV News Atlantic to share how the implementation of Greenspace’s Measurement-Based Care technology will help transform mental health services across Nova Scotia and improve patient engagement and outcomes for young people accessing support.

“When we use Measurement-Based Care and say [to the patient] fill out the questionnaire and let’s talk about it, we see more change. We see a greater likelihood of symptom improvement, a 40% reduction in dropouts, people stay in treatment longer, and they get better quicker.”

This is another monumental step forward in making Measurement-Based Care the standard for mental health care, and we couldn’t be happier to help organizations like IWK and Nova Scotia Health in doing so.

Global News Halifax

CTV News Atlantic

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