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New Client Announcement: Maryland Wellness & Recovery

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3 min

Platform: Measurement-Based Care

Population Served: Individuals seeking support for substance use

Organization Type: Private clinic

Location: Maryland, USA

We are thrilled to welcome our new partner, Maryland Wellness and Recovery, a private clinic dedicated to supporting people struggling with substance abuse issues. Maryland Wellness and Recovery are looking forward to implementing our Measurement-Based Care (MBC) solution in order to capture client symptom changes in real-time and utilize it to inform quality improvements. The leadership staff at Maryland Wellness and Recovery are driven by the use of objective data in treatment and are excited by the user-friendly nature of Greenspace’s MBC platform.

They plan to use the platform to:

  • Engage clients in their treatment with consistent assessments and visibility into their results
  • Support and inform internal treatment decision making with objective data
  • Transition towards a Value-Based Care payments model
  • Demonstrate the impact of their services to payors

We are happy to be able to support Maryland Wellness and Recovery as they embark on their Measurement-Based Care journey.