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Welcoming Our New Partners to Greenspace: May 2022

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Each month, we have the pleasure of welcoming new partners who share our vision - striving to offer the highest quality care possible for the people they serve. We have the honour of supporting these impressive organizations and help them tailor their MBC implementation for the unique programs they offer and populations they work with. Continue reading to learn about how our newest partners will be using MBC to innovate and improve their clinical practice.

New Life Counselling: Introducing MBC to Support Clinicians in Delivering High Quality Care

Population Served: Individuals, couples, families, and groups

Location: Kentucky, USA

New Life Counselling is upgrading their measurement process to support their clinicians in delivering the highest quality of care to the individuals, couples, families, and groups that they serve. They’ll be adopting our Measurement-Based Care platform to transition from pen and paper measurement, to an automated and intuitive measurement process. New Life Counselling is taking an important step to ensure their therapists have the tools they need to effectively track client progress, enhance engagement, and improve outcomes for their clients. They’re excited by the data visualization features, which will help clients and clinicians better understand symptom variations that often occur throughout treatment.

Phoenix Centre: Leveraging Client-Reported Data to Put Client Experiences at the Centre of Their Care

Population Served: Children and youth under 17 years old

Location: Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

The Phoenix Centre is introducing objective, client-reported data into treatment, so they can better understand the needs of the children and families they serve. Our MBC platform will be implemented to help clinicians become more comfortable using assessments with clients on a regular basis, introducing objective data to help inform their clinical decisions. The Greenspace platform will make it simple for them to collect meaningful symptom and outcome data from their clients on a frequent basis, allowing them to better understand treatment progress and demonstrate the impact of their programs to their Board of Directors. Ultimately, the clinicians at Phoenix Centre don’t want to have to guess how their clients are doing; they want valuable, objective outcome data to better understand their clients and how to support them.

Lighthouse, Inc: Demonstrating Service Efficacy Through Measurement-Based Care

Population Served: Youth & families

Location: Maryland, USA

Lighthouse, Inc. is a non-profit mental health organization dedicated to supporting children, youth, and their families with high quality care. They’re introducing MBC to improve their measurement process, so that they can better understand the progress their clients are making and have them be more engaged throughout their treatment process. Similarly to New Life Counselling, Greenspace will enable Lighthouse to move away from using pen and paper to track progress. Now they will be able to make measurement more efficient for their clinicians and generate better insights overall. Another essential and significant benefit of collecting data will be empowering Lighthouse to demonstrate positive client outcomes for grant funding requests and to innovate and improve their programs overall.