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Improve Client care

The automated intake process you've been waiting for.

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Intake Redefined

Customized Intake Solution

Collect all of the information you need, at once. For regional systems, hospitals
or individual clinics, Greenspace works with your team to build a customized and automated intake solution tailored to your organization.

Informed Triage

Easily review and triage all new clients. Review, filter and prioritize clients based on client-completed assessments and other key information that you choose to collect.

A Head Start for Clinicians

Leverage the data being collected during intake. Each client will have an Intake Report that clinicians can use to plan treatment and inform their approach to care.


Improve your intake process

An efficient and automated intake flow will help your organization improve every client's experience, reduce wait-times and remove the need for manual intake tasks, returning valuable time to your staff. The Greenspace Intake Solution will ensure that your organization can prioritize the most appropriate care for each client and expedite care for client's with the most urgent needs.

Automate the Workflow

Throw away the paper and pens, multiple worksheets and fax referrals. Implement an intake process that easily collects all of the information you need.

A Smooth Intake Process

Improve your client experience through an easy to follow and user-centric intake flow, while capturing the information needed from clients, referring providers and intake staff.

A Snapshot for Each Client

Greenspace will generate an Intake Report, presenting baseline client assessment results and other key information to clinicians prior to each client's first session.

Exceed Privacy Standards

Greenspace is committed to maintaining privacy and security that exceeds PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA and other provincial standards.


Better Client Care

Customize a Client Centered Experience

Greenspace allows your organization to build an Intake Solution that focuses on a smooth process for clients and ensures a positive first experience with your clinic, while collecting all of the client information your clinic needs in one seamless process.

Dynamic Forms

Any type of form or assessment that needs to be included will be presented in a dynamic format that is easy to complete and responsive to answers provided by each individual client.

Prioritized Intake List

Improve your triage by providing administrators with an up-to-the-minute Clinic Intake List that automatically sorts clients by criteria chosen by your clinic. You'll have all the information needed in one place to help provide the most appropriate type of treatment to those who need it most.

Client Intake Report

Baseline assessment results and other key information at intake is presented in a visual and clear format for each client. This snapshot can be used to inform intake, support a treatment plan and help guide a clinician's approach to treatment.


Organizations Partner With Us

Greenspace has been an essential tool for us, in making sure that we have the ability to look at the whole practice and how we are engaging with clients.

Michael Decaire

Clinical Psychologist

If you measure stuff, we know that things get better just by the act of measuring. It allows me to dedicate my full time and attention to my patient and getting the work that needs to be done, done.

Gui Mansilla

Registered Psychotherapist

My experience has been quite positive. The fact that there was the prescreening tool offered, it gave me a wonderful glimpse into exactly what it is they're feeling challenged by and what they are looking for.

Alyson Pancer

Social Worker

If everyone could collaborate and do it together, it would ultimately benefit the patient because we can work together to figure out what component of their treatment is working best and how to modify it to make it better.

Jordana Boro

Family Doctor

We take the security of your data seriously.

The Greenspace platform is AICPA SOC 2 Type II compliant and exceeds industry security standards. Users can be confident that their information is always protected.

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