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Measurement based care wasn’t always easy, but it is now.
Increase client engagement, decrease drop out
rates and improve your clinical outcomes.
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The Research
Higher likelihood that a client experiences reliable change
Lower drop out rate
Higher overall improvement in clinical symptoms
Lower cancellation rates
How Greenspace Works
Leverage Your Data
Organizations often struggle with visibility into their practice, without information on the outcomes being achieved. Whether it's the PHQ-9, GAD-7, C-SSRS, BR-WAI or any assessment you choose to use, Greenspace makes client reported assessment collection and analysis easier than ever. This pivotal data can then be used internally to support decision-making and QI, or externally to support partnerships or marketing initiatives.
Identify Off-Track Clients
Greenspace allows your organization to identify the challenges and track progress of every client so that you can use resources most efficiently. For example, Greenspace makes it easy to recognize when a specific client is likely to dropout or fail treatment.
Increase Engagement & Reduce Dropout
Clinics working with Greenspace have seen a significant increase in their average number of sessions per client — primarily a result of reduced dropout. Providing full visibility to the client and a transparent feedback loop throughout treatment are key factors from research that increase engagement, reduce dropout and improve outcomes.
How Greenspace Helps
Improve Client Care
Greenspace helps your providers easily track client progress and better involve them in their treatment process, which research shows increases engagement and improves clinical outcomes.
Learn From Your Data
Use client reported assessment data to inform clinical decisions, case manage off-track clients, improve therapeutic alliance and enhance your supervision process.
Build Funder Relationships
Leverage your enhanced clinical data to build relationships with external stakeholders and advocate for increased program support and funding.
Customer Stories
As an Agency we wanted to improve engagement, make the best use of time, and see results in a change over time model. We have seen satisfaction scores go up. We are seeing reduced times in service, higher levels of engagement and better outcomes. We are also able to improve programs based on the data that we are pulling from Greenspace.
—Pathstone Mental Health
Greenspace is extremely user friendly which helps to get buy in with clinicians and demonstrate progress with clients. There are really excellent visuals, it's also easy to use and clients are able to complete assessments independently of their sessions. Overall, I'd highly recommend Greenspace because it's such an easy process and the team is so collaborative and ready to support.
—Leading By Example LLC
The speed, organization and flexibility in how Greenspace implemented and guided clinicians through a change management process was impressive. They've been a tremendous partner, improving the quality of our mental health services.
—Family Service Ontario