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Set the Standard for Campus Mental Health

The one-stop solution your students have been asking for.

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A Campus-Wide Student Mental Health Solution

Seamless Resource Navigation

Provide students with a one-stop resource for navigation within their institution’s ecosystem of care, co-designed in partnership with students on each campus. Students will know where to go to get the help they're looking for, and faculty will know exactly where to direct students in need.

Improve Care Outcomes

Leverage a stepped care and Measurement Based Care approach to reduce wait times and increase the effectiveness of care by further engaging students in their own care process and directing them to resources best suited for their specific mental health needs.

Data Informed Care

Aggregate usage and outcome data provides insight on what type of care students are utilizing and which resources best support their mental health needs to help inform your institutions mental health strategy.


What students have said

Greenspace's Campus Mental Health Hub is built as a response to students not knowing how or where to access mental health services on campus and not feeling like the services available meet their needs. It ensures that all students know where to go to get the help that they need and that their institution has the insight necessary to provide the services that students are most interested in and have the highest impact on their mental health.

of students in Canada indicated that they were comfortable accessing campus services
of students in Canada agreed that on-campus services meet the needs of young people at post-secondary institutions
of students in Canada reported being aware of their school's mental health resources
  • Campus Assessment Tool, 2019/2020

A navigation hub for everyone

Built off of research proving the efficacy of a stepped-care approach to mental health, combined with the benefits of consistent tracking and engagement in care; your institutions Campus Mental Health Hub will provide students with immediate access to the care they need, along with the tools necessary to engage in their own care and improve their mental health.

Personalized Care Pathways

Not every student needs the same type of mental health support. Your institutions Hub will direct students to the care that is most appropriate for their specific needs.

Increased Engagement  

Students will have ownership over their own care decisions and regularly complete assessments. Both of which help to improve care outcomes and engagement.

Single Sign On

Students can sign into your Campus Hub with their institution login and access all care options, without ever having to create a new account.

Reduce Burden on System

Students will seek the type of care that is best for them instead of bring directed to what is best known, ultimately improving outcomes and reducing wait times.


Actionable Data for Your Institution

Greenspace's Campus Mental Health Hub will set the standard for student care on campus and help your students learn about and take care of their own mental health.  In addition to being a mental health solution,  it will help your institution make informed care resourcing decisions.

Aggregate Usage Data

Have the data to understand which resources your students are interested in using and are staying engaged with.

Aggregate Improvement Data

It's one thing to know which resources your students want to use, but increasingly powerful to understand what works. You'll have the data to know which resources you offer are helping improve mental health symptoms and student resilience.

Funder Relationships

The aggregate data collected can be used by your institution to build relationships with funders and advocate for increased mental health funding and support.

We take the security of your data seriously.

The Greenspace platform is AICPA SOC 2 Type II compliant and exceeds industry security standards. Users can be confident that their information is always protected.

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