New Client Announcement: Lead4Life

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Platform: Measurement-Based Care

Organization Type: Non-profit organization

Population Served: Youth and young adults entering the juvenile justice system

Location: Rockville, Maryland

We are pleased to welcome our new partner, Lead4Life, a non-profit organization founded to reduce the number of youth and young adults entering the juvenile justice system. Lead4Life strives to empower their clients to find purpose, achieve their goals, and assists them in developing important life skills.

Lead4Life is implementing Measurement-Based Care to track their clients’ progress over time. They plan to use client-reported outcomes data to identify which program areas they can work to further develop as an agency to ensure they are providing the best possible quality of care possible to every individual in their program. Additionally, they will share their outcome data to demonstrate the impact of their programming to funders and advocate for funding to the program areas most in need of support.