Welcoming Our New Partners to Greenspace: February & March 2022

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Measurement-Based Care is continuing to gain momentum in the behavioral health and addictions industry as healthcare providers leverage quality data to improve their services and deliver the highest quality of care possible to their populations. We’re excited to introduce the newest partners to join Greenspace in February and March of 2022. Continue reading to learn how these clinics and organizations are transforming their clinical practices with Measurement-Based Care.

TMS Institute of Arizona

Population Served: Adults

Location: Arizona, USA

TMS Institute of Arizona is a treatment center that provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy for adult individuals suffering from depression and/or obsessive-compulsive disorder. They were looking to implement a Measurement-Based Care platform that could be used remotely to monitor symptoms changes and identify when clients should return for further treatment. They also intend to use objective outcome data to report to funders and inform their strategic decision making.

Eliza’s Helping Hands

Population Served: All ages affected by violent crimes

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Eliza’s Helping Hands is a non-profit organization focused on advocating and serving men, women, and children affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other violent crimes. Kenya Thornton, Clinical Director at Eliza’s Helping Hands, is looking forward to using Greenspace’s data visualization feature to monitor how clients are progressing over time. Most client sessions are virtual, so being able to deliver assessments digitally is key to implementing Measurement-Based Care with all clients.

Carroll County Youth Service Bureau

Population Served: All ages & families

Location: Maryland, USA

Carroll County Youth Service Bureau is a private, non-profit, multi-disciplinary organization that provides a range of outpatient treatment services. They are a member of the Community Behavioral Health Association (CBHA) of Maryland and are looking to implement Greenspace’s Measurement-Based Care platform to continually assess their programs and participate in data sharing opportunities as part of MDCBHA’s Coordinated MBC Project. They are dedicated to delivering high quality care services and will use MBC as a tool to enhance client engagement and outcomes.

Vanier Children’s Mental Wellness

Population Served: Infants, children, youth (up to 14 years old), and their families

Location: London and surrounding communities in Southwestern Ontario

Vanier Children’s Mental Wellness offers a range of services for infants, children, youth (up to age 14) and their families. Vanier will use Greenspace's MBC platform to improve engagement of clients in treatment, while providing caregivers with insight into their child’s progress. MBC will help Vanier’s clinicians better understand their client’s symptoms and use that data to improve overall client care. They also want to have a stronger understanding of the impact of their services at the program level, so they have concrete knowledge of what works, and what needs to be improved.

Family Services York Region

Population Served: All ages

Location: Toronto, Canada

Family Services York Region is a community-based organization that provides counselling and cultural support services to York Region residents of all ages. Previously they had a MBC system in place that was only able to utilize two key assessments, and are excited to have access to more measures through Greenspace. By broadening the number of measures used, they will be able to better target their clients’ presenting symptoms, allowing them to customize care to their needs and capture a more complete picture of their clients’ outcomes. They also recognize that having more objective data for their organization will help them to better understand, analyze and share the impact of their services.

Children’s First Canada

Population Served: Children 6 years old and under

Location: Toronto, Canada

Children’s First Canada is a national charity that collaborates with many organizations and individuals to advocate for the improvement of children’s and youth’s health and well-being across Canada. The organization sees the Greenspace MBC platform as an opportunity to better coordinate their measurement process and reduce the administrative burden of employing pen and paper measures. Their team values having real-time objective data to guide and inform their work and they’re looking forward to seeing how MBC will positively impact their clinical services.

If you're interested in learning more about MBC or how other organizations have used Greenspace to transform their measurement process and improve clinical outcomes, you can book a call with one our our implementation experts or send us an email anytime at