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Reduce Healthcare Costs

A comprehensive approach to improve mental health outcomes.

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Solutions That Matter


Reduce System Costs

Greenspace reduces the duration of mental health claims and acute service utilization. In addition, improved results from therapy reduce the overall cost associated with a mental health diagnosis.

An Intelligent Referral Process

Our platform uses evidence-based tools and predictive analytics to identify a patient's mental health conditions and intelligently match them with the best possible specialists.

Measurement Platform

Provide faster access to care, engage members in their own treatment process and increase the likelihood of a successful result.


A Coordinated Referral Process

For most health plans, there is limited coordination or control over how members access therapy. This entry-point into the system is crucial in ensuring that individuals receive the right care in a timely manner. Greenspace uses clinical data and a proprietary algorithm to triage each referral.

The Impact
average improvement in clinical symptoms through 3 months.
8 days
to a booked appointment for 93% of members.
member engagement with the program.

A More Effective Model of Care

Greenspace offers an evidence based platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver a higher quality of care. This model is proven to drive better treatment outcomes, while improving the patient experience and generating valuable aggregate data for health plans.

Evidence Based Measurement

Greenspace allows providers to easily track progress and better involve members in their treatment, which research has shown to dramatically improve outcomes.

Increased Collaboration

It is crucial that providers are able to collaborate with shared information. Integration between primary care and mental health leads to better treatment results.

Intake Assessment

Each member completes a dynamic intake assessment to ensure that their symptoms are correctly identified, and to give providers access to meaningful baseline information prior to the first session.

Aggregate Data

Both treatment providers and health plans have visibility into clinical results. Understand impact across your network, identify needs and make more informed decisions.


The Supporting Research

Greenspace has been developed based on research that identifies patient-therapist fit as the strongest predictor of patient improvement in mental health therapy. In addition, factors such as early intervention, consistent progress measurement and improved collaboration between primary care providers and therapists contribute to better outcomes for patients.

higher likelihood that a patient improves.
less time spent in mental health therapy.
higher overall improvement in clinical symptoms.
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  • Michael J Lambert, “Outcome in Psychotherapy: The Past and Important Advances” (2013)
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Providers Work With Greenspace

Greenspace has been an essential tool for us, in making sure that we have the ability to look at the whole practice and how we are engaging with clients.

Jordana Boro

Family Doctor

Greenspace has been an essential tool for us, in making sure that we have the ability to look at the whole practice and how we are engaging with clients.

Alyson Pancer

Social Worker


A Better Way to Access Care

I'm really happy with Sandra and feel really comfortable with her. I'm really impressed with the Greenspace experience. I felt really comfortable also speaking on the phone with you. I'm happy that my doctor referred me to the service. I hope Greenspace can continue and help others too connect with a good therapist for them. Thanks!

Mary C


Thank you again for your care and efforts to finding me a perfect fit. You picked up just from our intake call that I may need someone who deals with trauma (when I didn't know that myself) and it turns out that I do. Because of that, I do attribute this success to you. I'm very grateful that my I connected with Greenspace.

Mike R


My first session was everything I had hoped for! Sarah is very easy to talk to for me and has thus far made me feel like I can trust her with any information that I share with her about my experiences. She understands that I want to see results and is already foreseeing how I can get there by making plans to do EMDR at my next session. She is thoughtful in her responses, makes me feel heard and approaches her thoughts on my experiences in a way that challenges my perception yet keeps me comfortable.

Richard L


I am happy with who I matched with and plan to continue to see them. The feedback on my experience is very positive. Having had to wait weeks and weeks to see a therapist through a doctor's referral in the past, it’s amazing that an organization like Greenspace exists and not only helps you find someone fast, but someone who is a good fit for you. I’ve already recommended Greenspace to a few people.

Kristina T


My first appointment was really fantastic and I think Natasha is a great fit for me. Thank you for helping me find such a great therapist match. She’s really fluid in methodology/approaches and really wants to use a hybrid approach to help me live the best life possible that’s in line with my values. We’re talking about using a mix of Mindfulness and CBT as well as introducing ACT into her work with me. Our first session already felt like it made a huge difference in my quality of life and the relationships I choose to cultivate. Thank you again for listening to me and taking into account what I needed in a therapist.

Hope W


Thank you for checking in. The match was spot on. We connected immediately and are already deep into dealing with the pertinent issues. Greenspace is filling a vital need and I am letting people know. Your response time, follow through, intake abilities and sensitive approach make taking action on mental and emotional health issues far more effective and accessible. Thank you and carry on.

Sarah F


Sam has had 2 appointments now. He is very comfortable with Amanda so this is definitely a good fit. This process has been great because it was easy and quick. I was so happy to find my son some help very quickly. Your help in facilitating this whole process was great too. You made it stress free.

Ryan H


Thanks so much for reaching out! I had a great appointment, and have booked a follow up appointment as well! The only feedback I have is all positive! I would like to thank you for all the follow-ups you've done, and all the care you've put in to ensuring all my needs are met. I don't think I would've been able to find a good match trying to do research on my own, I would've probably been overwhelmed by the options, which would've probably caused me more negative feelings and I may have even given up. I've also recommended Greenspace to a friend who was able to find help through it, and I intend on singing its praises for a while! Thank you so much.

John K


I have actually seen Caren twice now, and I like the way our relationship is shaping up so far. I think we are a good fit from what I can tell. I really appreciate my experience with Greenspace so far, before I was introduced to it by my friend finding a therapist felt like searching for a unicorn. It was extremely discouraging and made me even more depressed and felt more hopeless. I think this is a really great organization that has been created here and I would personally recommend it to anyone. Thank you!

Sam T



days to see a therapist


patient improvement


patients that continue therapy with their matched therapist