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Improve outcomes, increase engagement and reduce cost.

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Solutions That Matter


Improve Patient Care

Greenspace helps your providers easily track progress and better involve patients in their treatment, which research has shown to increase engagement and improve outcomes.

Learn From Your Data

Organizations have never had this much visibility into clinical outcomes. Make better decisions, transform intake and triage, case manage off-track patients and improve the supervision process.

Reduce Costs

Save your team valuable time with a more efficient model for measuring patient symptoms. Greenspace will also reduce cancellations, no-shows and acute service utilization.


Actionable Data & Improved Collaboration

In addition to positively impacting patient results, the Greenspace platform collects and presents valuable information for your providers, program managers and leadership team.

Quality Improvement

View and analyze clinical data across your hospital. Understand each program or provider’s impact, identify needs and make more informed decisions.

Reduced Costs

This model of care has been proven to keep patients engaged in therapy, reducing no-shows and dropouts by 25%; and supporting a decrease in acute service utilization.

Integrated Care

Greenspace integrates with EHR / EMR systems and facilitates the automatic sharing of information across a patient’s circle of care. This creates collaboration among providers and treatment settings.

Triage & Case Management

Use the aggregate data on Greenspace to better identify the right provider or program for new patients. Once in treatment, patients who are off track can be easily identified using Greenspace.


More Effective Measurement

Running an evidence-based practice and implementing a consistent measurement process can be difficult and time consuming. Greenspace saves your team valuable administrative time, and increases patient engagement with their treatment.

Increase Patient Engagement

Patients have full visibility into their own results, and are engaged in tracking progress outside of sessions.

Automate the Workflow

Greenspace dramatically reduces the manual effort and time associated with running an effective measurement process.

Flexible and Customizable

To ensure Greenspace fits your programs, there is built-in flexibility and an option to customize assessments, tags and branding.


A Coordinated Intake Process

Greenspace helps you transform the intake process for a hospital’s mental health programming with a solution that empowers your team with data and dramatically improves the patient experience.

Dynamic and Accessible

The intake process can be customized to your organizations needs, provide patients with several options for access and is dynamically coded based on responses.

Visibility into Incoming Referrals

Your team can have full and advance visibility into each incoming referral. This enables more effective triage of patients and an ability to prioritize for severity.

Valuable Data

Collecting standardized and discrete data for all incoming patients is absolutely necessary to gain a clear understanding of your patient population. This aggregate data can inform decisions, impact programming and enable accurate reporting.


The Supporting Research

Greenspace was built on research that identifies consistent progress measurement as having a dramatic impact on client treatment outcomes, regardless of modality. Regularly tracking progress leads to better client engagement, improved communication and reduced outcome bias in therapy.

higher likelihood that a client experiences reliable change
higher overall improvement in clinical symptoms
lower dropout or cancellation rates and 25% lower no-show rate
  • Slade, et al., “Improving Psychotherapy Outcome: The Use of Immediate Electronic Feedback and Revised Clinical Support Tools” (2008)
  • Michael J Lambert, “Outcome in Psychotherapy: The Past and Important Advances” (2013)
  • Bohanske, R. T., & Franczak, M., "Transforming public behavioral health care: A case example of consumer-directed services, recovery, and the common factors" (2010)

Better Patient Care

Making it Easy to Run an Evidence-Based Practice

Managing a consistent measurement process has traditionally been extremely time consuming. Greenspace makes the practice simple, by automating much of the workflow and letting your team focus on engaging with patients.

Leverage your Data

Hospitals often struggle with visibility into aggregate clinical outcomes, and there is limited flow of this information across a health system. Greenspace collects this data, which can then be used internally to support decision-making and QI initiatives, or externally for reporting.

Easily Identify Off-Track Clients

Greenspace allows your team to monitor symptom changes and track risk factors of each patient so that you can use your hospital’s resources most efficiently. For example, Greenspace makes it easy to recognize when a specific client is likely to dropout or fail treatment.

Improved Supervision and Training

Typical supervision processes consist of feedback only from the treating therapist, with no real insight from the patient's perspective. Greenspace adjusts this dynamic by providing teams with quality information about each patient's progress, ultimately leading to improved care.

Patient Access Increases Engagement

Assessment results no longer need to be stuck in the EMR/EHR file. Providing full visibility to the patient and a transparent feedback loop throughout treatment are key factors that increase engagement and reduce dropout.

Patient-Centred Experience

Give patients an opportunity to engage in their treatment outside of sessions, while maintaining the same consistent experience. An organization can curate its list of assessments, customize the platform’s branding and adjust patient-facing communications.


Hospitals Partner With Us

Greenspace has been an essential tool for us, in making sure that we have the ability to look at the whole practice and how we are engaging with clients.

Michael Decaire

Clinical Psychologist

Greenspace has been an essential tool for us, in making sure that we have the ability to look at the whole practice and how we are engaging with clients.

Gui Mansilla

Registered Psychotherapist

Greenspace has been an essential tool for us, in making sure that we have the ability to look at the whole practice and how we are engaging with clients.

Alyson Pancer

Social Worker

Greenspace has been an essential tool for us, in making sure that we have the ability to look at the whole practice and how we are engaging with clients.

Jordana Boro

Family Doctor

We take the security of your data seriously.

The Greenspace platform is AICPA SOC 2 Type II compliant and exceeds industry security standards. Users can be confident that their information is always protected.

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