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Mental Health Clinics

Reduce Healthcare Costs

A comprehensive approach to improve mental health outcomes.

Solutions that matter


Reduce System Costs

Greenspace reduces the duration of mental health claims and acute service utilization. In addition, improved results from therapy reduce the overall cost associated with a mental health diagnosis.

An Intelligent Referral Process

Co-ordinate how patients are referred and matched into treatment. Greenspace improves clinical assessment and leverages data to predict a better match.

Improve the Patient Experience

Provide faster access to care, engage members in their own treatment process and increase the likelihood of a successful result.

Mental Health Coordinated Referral Process
Connecting Into Care

A Coordinated Referral Process

For most health plans, there is limited coordination or control over how members access therapy. This entry-point into the system is crucial in ensuring that individuals receive the right care in a timely manner. Greenspace uses clinical data and a proprietary algorithm to triage each referral.

The Impact

89% average improvement in clinical symptoms through 3 months.

8 days to a booked appointment for 93% of members.

83% member engagement with the program.

During Treatment

A More Effective Model of Care

Greenspace offers an evidence based platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver a higher quality of care. This model is proven to drive better treatment outcomes, while improving the patient experience and generating valuable aggregate data for health plans.

Evidence Based Measurement

Greenspace allows providers to easily track progress and better involve members in their treatment, which research has shown to dramatically improve outcomes.

Increased Collaboration

It is crucial that providers are able to collaborate with shared information. Integration between primary care and mental health leads to better treatment results.

Intake Assessment

Each member completes a dynamic intake assessment to ensure that their symptoms are correctly identified, and to give providers access to meaningful baseline information prior to the first session.

Aggregate Data

Both treatment providers and health plans have visibility into clinical results. Understand impact across your network, identify needs and make more informed decisions.

Evidence Based Measurement

Discover how Greenspace can help reduce healthcare costs.

Evidence Based

The Supporting Research

Greenspace has been developed out of research that identifies patient-therapist matching as the strongest predictor of improvement in mental health therapy. In addition, factors such as effective measurement, early intervention and improved collaboration generate a significantly positive impact for patients.

higher likelihood that a patient improves.
less time spent in mental 
health therapy.
higher overall improvement in clinical symptoms
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